3 Ways Bioavailable CBD Can Help Improve Your Life
3 Ways Bioavailable CBD Can Help Improve Your Life
April 23, 2019
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3 Reasons Why You Should Try BioVail Naturals CBD

3 Reasons Why You Should Try BioVail Naturals CBD

As more people search for natural ways to alleviate common maladies, so does the interest in finding high-quality CBD. CBD is a THC-free cannabinoid extract that has multiple health benefits. However, consumers just shouldn’t buy any product with CBD on the label. CBD can be produced in numerous ways, and some products are better than others. If you’re looking for high-quality CBD, you should try BioVail Naturals. We may be biased, but we think it’s one of the best CBD products on the market. Here are three reasons why you should try BioVail Naturals CBD.

High-Quality Ingredients

BioVail Naturals are made with high standards. CBD is extracted from hemp plants, but the extraction process can change the chemical profile of the product you buy. Many CBD producers take out everything, except for the CBD. However, the benefits people derive from CBD decrease when the other nutrients from the plant aren’t there. BioVail Naturals uses Full Spectrum CBD, which means our CBD contains the phytonutrients and other compounds in the hemp. Research has suggested that full-spectrum CBD is more powerful due to an “Entourage Effect,” where all of the nutrients work together to produce the maximum benefit for the user. BioVail Naturals also uses ingredients that make our products usable by people with dietary restrictions. BioVail Natural CBD Softgels are Dairy Free, Gluten Free, and GMO-Free.

Easier For Your Body to Absorb

BioVail Naturals also uses a new, incredible production process that makes our CBD more potent than other products you find on the market. Our soft gel CBD capsules utilize the patented VESIsorb® delivery system technology. This process makes the capsules “body ready” for improved absorption and bioavailability. The VESIsorb® colloidal droplet delivery system allows for the transformation of dense poorly soluble hemp oil into a water-soluble, “body ready” liquid. The bioavailability of CBD affects how well, and how quickly it affects the user. Thanks to the system, BioVail Naturals have five times the potency of traditional CBD products. You’ll feel the beneficial effects more quickly and for a more extended period.

Soft Gel Capsule and Drink Options

BioVail Naturals has two easy ways to take your CBD on the go. You use our BioVail Naturals Soft Gel Capsules. Thanks to their production method, soft gel capsules are easily digested and work quickly. They usually dissolve within minutes of reaching the stomach. Soft gel capsules can increase the bioavailability of soluble compounds like CBD.

We also have a canned drink that includes 10mg of our full-spectrum CBD. These drinks also take advantage of the VESIsorb® delivery system technology, so you’re still getting CBD with five times the potency. You can get the drink in a fruit punch or lemonade flavor.

If you’re looking for the highest-quality CBD, you owe it yourself to try BioVail Naturals. Send us a message online if you have any questions about our CBD products.

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