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3 Ways Bioavailable CBD Can Help Improve Your Life
April 23, 2019
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How Using CBD Can Boost Your Workout Routine
May 21, 2019
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Is CBD Oil Safe?

Is CBD Oil Safe?

In recent years, people are turning to natural herbs and remedies to treat their medical condition. They find this avenue of healing far outweighs the side effects seen in pharmaceutical medicine. Ever since most states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, it’s almost a trend to use the properties found in cannabis to produce natural herbs to treat specific health conditions. However, since marijuana use usually results in a person “getting high,” some people wonder if it’s safe to consume CBD oil. Based on previous case studies, CBD oil is safe and has positive effects on the body.

Assuming the starting product is of good quality, it is safe to take CBD oil. CBD oil is non-toxic, and studies have concluded that daily doses of this (about 700mg) has not induced toxicity in patients. You also cannot overdose on CBD oil since it’s non-toxic. Taking CBD oil does not affect your food intake, gastrointestinal function, nor physiological parameters. CBD does not have psychoactive compounds that are found in THC.

Despite the positive outcomes of using CBD oil, most people are still skeptical of using it. The reason is that they’ve heard horror stories of other people becoming sick or experiencing severe side effects from using CBD oil. What’s the explanation? It’s because the product is made with toxic hemp. Since CBD is extracted from the hemp plant, if the plant is grown with toxic pesticides in the soil, then the pesticides are also obtained with CBD. CBD oil is not regulated by a government agency, so it’s the consumer’s responsibility to find out if the CBD oil came from an organic environment, and if it contains harmful chemicals.

There are side effects with taking CBD oil, but it’s not serious nor common. The side effects      you could experience include:


Many people describe feeling a mild sensation when taking CBD oil. If it’s taken in high doses, this could induce drowsiness.

Low blood pressure

A high dosage of CBD oil could result in a slight drop in your blood pressure.


Along with experiencing low blood pressure, most people also reported feeling dizzy.

Dry mouth

There are cannabinoid receptors found in your saliva that interacts with CBD; thus, causing a dry mouth.

It has become commonplace to take CBD oil to treat medical conditions. There have been many case studies proving CBD oil is safe to take every day, even in high dosage. As with anything, do your homework before taking the supplement. Find out if the hemp plant used to extract CBD was grown in toxic soil or if it’s organic. Though the side effects are not severe or frequent, find out if the properties will react negatively to your body chemistry. In the event you experience any of the side effects, try reducing your dosage. An excellent company to ask these questions and more is BioVail Naturals. They sell CBD oil as soft gel caps. The product has been tested and proven to improve your health.

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