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August 14, 2019
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October 28, 2019
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What’s NOT in Biovail CBD Capsules?

What's NOT in Biovail CBD Capsules

At Biovail Naturals, we take care to create the highest quality of CBD capsules for our customers. What does that mean?

Too many of these ‘natural’ products have various types of materials that you could call contaminants. When there’s not a very defined approach to design, products can really be inferior.

Our guarantee to our customers is a dedication to pure natural formulations – not to put “filler” into our capsules, just to create bulk or “pad” the product. Yes, many capsules have inert material, but that’s no reason to be careless with your ingredients! If you’re sourcing the best cannabis, you don’t want to mess it up with fillers, right?

What’s NOT In Our Products?

Here are three important things we promise not to put in our capsules.


That’s right, there’s no dairy in any of our capsules. Some people love items like CBD chocolate milk – but if you don’t like those, or you’re lactose intolerant, you don’t want dairy by-products in your capsules. They can cause allergies or stomach issues or various health conditions. That’s one reason that we keep these items out of our formulations entirely. When you buy from us, you know what’s in your soft gels, and what isn’t.


We also produce gluten-free CBD capsules. That’s important for people with a gluten sensitivity but it’s also a benefit for those concerned about high amounts of glyphosate in the products they ingest.

There’s news breaking that many farmers are using the herbicide as a desiccant for wheat, and that means that some of the gluten carrying products may also have trace amounts of glyphosate in them. So again, gluten-free is going more natural here, in not supplementing hemp products with wheat products, because that’s completely unnecessary! You can make a great capsule without any of these filler products.


There are absolutely no genetically modified ingredients in our CBD capsules. In fact, hemp is not really thought of as one of the GMO crops. GMO crops include corn, soybeans, wheat and similar crops, and as we mentioned above, glyphosate is often involved. In addition to using this known carcinogen as a desiccant, many producers also use it to kill weeds around GMO glyphosate-resistant crops. That wasn’t as big of a deal to a lot of people until Bayer, the new owner of glyphosate patents, starting losing court cases brought by individuals suffering from lymphoma. But a lot of people are paying attention now.

For more, take a look at our website at Biovail and see how you can get the best, most natural CBD products for your medicine cabinet. CBD can be great for migraines, anxiety, and a variety of other conditions – get the cannabis, and skip the unnecessary extras!

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